More and more companies are focusing on home delivery of their products. Of course they want to do all this as efficiently as possible and therefore a small and manoeuvrable vehicle is very important. Of course you have scooters, but this does not give you a green image as a company. The costs of a scooter are also high, your staff need a driver’s license and a helmet is mandatory. The delivery bike is therefore the ideal solution for an entrepreneur who is looking for a fast and manoeuvrable means to deliver his products in the city. Do you still want to be able to keep up with a scooter, but keep your green image? Then an electric delivery bike is the solution for you! Electric delivery bicycles are not only very fast, but are also very profitable. So with this type of delivery bike you not only get a green image, but you also save on petrol costs and reduce Co2 emissions.


What are my benefits?

If you want to lease an E-bike delivery bike from DeliveryEBIKE, you probably think to yourself: “What are the advantages?” That is why we have listed the benefits of leasing a delivery bike at DeliveryEBIKE for you:

bsb lease

  • Clarity through predetermined, fixed deadlines. No unexpected costs!
  • You have the option to finance the entire purchase value.
  • A check up every month, so that your electric delivery bike remains in great condition.
  • Your company gets a green image by leasing Electric delivery bicycles.
  • As an entrepreneur you are working sustainably.
  • You have a total solution: use of new Giant Deliver-E e-bikes, including maintenance and insurance.


Why DeliveryEBIKE?

Why would you choose to lease your delivery bike from DeliveryEBIKE? Leasing a delivery bike nowadays can be a hassle. Of course you do not want to lease a bicycle somewhere that you are not satisfied with at all or conclude a lease contract that you will be tied to for years. We at DeliveryEBIKE have a high-quality delivery ebike. The E-bike that you can lease with us is the Giant Deliver-E +. This is a delivery bike that meets all the requirements you can expect from a business E-bike. The Giant Deliver-E + has the following options:• A high-quality aluminum frame• Powerful SyncDrive Sport mid-engine (70 Nm)• A 500 Wh battery• Maintenance-free BeltDrive • Hydraulic disc brakes• Wide tires for extra grip and comfort


You are also not bound to a 1 or 2 year contract with us, you can cancel free of charge after 3 months. (With a month’s notice) Ideal for the starting entrepreneur who prefers not to be tied to certain costs for too long or for the private customer who only wants to conclude a short lease contract. In short, at DeliveryEBIKE you are at the right place for a high quality E-bike for a low price!