E-bike for delivery

Because many companies are switching to the delivery of their products, an E-bike for delivery is a must. We at DeliveryEBIKE will quickly deliver you our high-quality E-bike: the Giant Deliver-E +. This E-bike features a high-quality aluminum frame, a powerful SyncDrive Sport mid-motor (70 Nm), a 500 Wh battery, a low-maintenance BeltDrive, hydraulic disc brakes and wide tires for extra grip and comfort. This makes our Giant Deliver-E + the perfect E-bike for business use.

Why an E-bike for delivery?

With the term “E-bike for delivery” we mean the convenience you have when you lease a bicycle from DeliveryEBIKE. After you have easily registered on our website for a lease contract. You can quickly pick up your bike or have it delivered. So you are almost immediately “on the road”. At DeliveryEBIKE we try to focus mainly on the convenience of the customer. Would you like to have your bike delivered on a specific day? That’s no problem. Would you rather pick up your bike immediately? That is no problem either! This is usually possible the next day at our pick-up point.


No hassle, no long term!

With DeliveryEBIKE you are not immediately bound to a contract of 1 or 2 years, but you can cancel free of charge after 3 months. (With a month’s notice) Ideal for the starting entrepreneur who prefers not to be tied to certain costs for too long or for the private customer who only wants to conclude a short lease contract. In short, at DeliveryEBIKE you are at the right place for a high quality E-bike for a low price!


Is a Delivery E-bike right for me?

Are you a company in the big city that has to deliver a lot of products to your home? Then a delivery E-bike is definitely an option for you. Because it is often busy in the city, it becomes difficult to deliver certain products by car within a certain time limit. This is where our E-bike comes in handy. Because you can cycle anywhere with this bike and you will cause no nuisance, for example, too much noise or CO2 emissions. An E-bike 4 delivery is also ideal if you employ young staff. You do not need a driver’s license to cycle on an E-bike. This allows you to race through the city at 26 km / h without a certificate or helmet requirement and deliver your products to your customer on time! In short, our Giant Deliver-E + is the perfect delivery E-bike for both business customers and private use.