Food delivery bike

The doorbell rings and you see a white delivery fan at your front door. It has been at least an hour and a half since you placed your order at your favourite restaurant. The delivery man hastily says “sorry it took so long, there is so much traffic in around this time.” Finally at the table you take a bite from your food. Unfortunately it is cold. Your evening is ruined, which makes sense if you still have to heat your food up afterwards. Many people face this problem. Because there is so much traffic in the city around dinner time, you will be on the road far too long for the shortest journey by car. A small manoeuvrable vehicle is then a must. Your staff needs a driver’s license for a scooter. Because of this you have to reject a lot of potential employees. A Food delivery E-bike is the solution to all these problems and you also radiate a green image as an entrepreneur!

Why an E-bike at DeliveryEBIKE?

Why would you choose to lease your food delivery bike from DeliveryEBIKE? Our Food delivery E-bike is of very high quality and has the following features:

  • A high-quality aluminum frame
  • Powerful SyncDrive Sport mid-engine (70 Nm)
  • A 500 Wh battery
  • Maintenance-free BeltDrive belt drive
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wide tires for extra grip and comfort

All these features make our Giant Deliver-E + the perfect food delivery bike. Not only for business customers, but also for private customers.

You are also not bound to a 1 or 2 year contract with us, but you can cancel free of charge after 3 months. (With a month’s notice) Ideal for the starting entrepreneur who prefers not to be tied to certain costs for too long or for the private customer who only wants to conclude a short lease contract. In short, at DeliveryEBIKE you are at the right place for a high quality E-bike for a low price!

Providing your company with our E-bikes

Do you think you can get your business off the ground with our E-bikes? Do you want to lease one or more E-bikes with us? We as DeliveryEBIKE are happy to think along with you for the right solution. We are also happy to cover for our private customer. We at DeliveryEbike always try to come up with a tailor-made solution. If you would like to conclude a lease contract with DeliveryEBIKE, click on the button below for the options!

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