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Food delivery ebike to the value of €3.799 for only €125 per month*

Inclusive: service - maintenance - insurance - top brand - per month cancelable

How it works in 3 steps


At least 3 months, thereafter cancellable per month


Pick up your bike of get it delivered!


Enjoy your new ebike and earn money while doing that!

Cycle on a ebike for a value of €3.799

€125 euro per month

Standard total price € 125 all-in! This is only 4 euro per day!


The benefits of the Giant Deliver-E+

  • Robust aluminum frame
  • Powerful SyncDrive Sport mid-engine (70 Nm)
  • High capacity battery of 500 Wh (120 KM RANGE)
  • Integrated control with LED indications
  • Low-maintenance BeltDrive belt drive
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wide tires for extra grip and comfort
  • Transport carriers optionally available: front, rear, or front and rear

Optional add-ons

  • Front carrier
  • Rear carrier
  • Battery switch (full battery change). Very handy if you have a lots of deliveries to do.

Ebike 4 delivery

Fast and profitable

More and more companies are using an E-bike for delivery. This is because an electric delivery bike is one of the fastest delivery methods in the city. A delivery bike is not only useful as a meal delivery driver, but it is also becoming increasingly popular among courier companies and postal deliverers. A Delivery E-bike is also better for the image of your company. It is also cheaper in insurance than a scooter or car and you don’t have pay for maintenance and fuel. In general: If you want a green image, you choose a means of transport that strengthens this image. An E-bike 4 delivery is not only very profitable for your company, it is also an image boost!

The Giant Deliver-E+

Many restaurant chains and meal delivery companies have already preceded you and have already extensively tested the Giant Deliver-E +. The results of the test for this E-bike for delivery were positive without exception. This is partly because this delivery E-bike has a robust aluminum frame, a safe and durable bicycle battery, wide tires for extra grip and hydraulic disc brakes. This makes this E-bike 4 delivery not only the perfect deliver bike, but also a pleasure to cycle with.

Delivery E-bike

We at Delivery E-bike are official Lease Dealer of Giant Delivery Bikes and now offer you as an entrepreneur a great deal! We also know that home delivery is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. If you have a catering business in the city, then you know a car is not the ideal means of transport. A scooter is certainly handy, but there are many disadvantages such as the obligation of a driver’s license for your staff, the CO2 emissions and often the high purchase costs. Service cost for scooters are often expensive and an accident with a scooter is easily made. That is why we now offer the perfect solution! With us you can lease a Giant Deliver-E + e-bike from 125 euros per month!

Private lease

Our Giant Deliver-E + e-bike can also be leased with a private lease contract. Do you work as a delivery person for a courier service and are you tired of cycling around on a poor quality bicycle? Then the Giant Deliver-E + e-bike is the perfect E-bike for you! That’s because this is the perfect delivery bike for freelancers. If you drive a lot of Miles, it is of course important that you have the right transport. It’s also nice to have that extra helping hand from the powerful mid-engine of the Giant Deliver-E + e-bike. If you lease a bike with us, you not only get a great E-bike of high quality, your E-bike is also immediately all-risk insured and you are provided with monthly check-ups of the bike. This means you and your E-bike are always at their best!

The benefits of leasing with DeliveryEbikeNL

If you lease with us, you will receive the Giant Deliver-E + e-bike. This is a high quality E-bike that has everything a real Delivery E-bike needs. You have no unexpected costs because you pay in fixed installments. You get a monthly check up of your E-bike, so your E-bike remains in top condition. You also have bicycle insurance and you can use our service turns. In short, you have many advantages without taking the financial risk of purchasing an E-bike.

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Food delivery ebike to the value of €3.799 for only €125 per month*

Inclusive: service - maintenance - insurance - top brand - per maand cancelable
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